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For Qurbany (Odhiyah)

Qurbany or Odhiyah is a sacrifice or Fidyah you make in the form of slaughtering a sheep. This is an obligation upon all pilgrims who perform Hajjol Motamette. It is also an obligation upon a pilgrim if he forgets or for a legitimate excuse does not perform Ramey on any day during Tashreeq days. The selection of the qurbany must abide by certain standard.

Below is a list of the rules that makes a qurbany a valid Fidyah:


Healthy: The Odhiyah must be in good health. A sick condition disqualifies the sheep.


Age: The Odhiyah must have reached the Islamic legitimate age.


No Broken Bones: The Odhiyah cannot have broken bones anywhere.


Undefective: The Odhiyah must be free of any defect. For instance, it cannot one or both eyes blind.

When Resoolo Allah was asked, who in the Odhiyah should be avoided, the Prophet (Salla Allaho Alaihi We Alihi Wesallam) said: "Four and pointed in his fingers: The blind, the sick, the broken (leg or hand), and the Ajfaa (the one whose milk mixes with blood)".

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