Dar Al-Islam Hajj 2022 News

The following news have been obtained from the Ministry of Hajj:


Hajj visas will be issued to pilgrims who have received full COVID-19 vaccination and tested negative.


The Ministry of Hajj regulations for hotels in Makkah and Madinah include to accommodate double rooms only. No more than 2 people will be allowed in one room.


Social distancing will be implemented for Tawaf and Saey as well as services in Mina and Arafah.


Hajj visas will be issued on passports that are digitally scanable documents. Therefore, pilgrims are expected to present machine-readable passport documents. For those pilgrims whose passports are manually written, please renew your passport and obtain a machine-readable one.


Based on experience in past Hajj seasons, the Ministry of Hajj is well aware of the problems of lost luggage left behind by pilgrims on their departure from the Kingdom, often because of excess baggage charges.

In an effort to assist pilgrims in recovering their luggage and personal belongings which may be of special value to them, the Ministry of Hajj would like all Hajj Missions and Hajj Travel Agencies to inform all pilgrims of the absolute necessity of fully labelling all their luggage by placing stickers both on the outside and inside of luggage showing the Pilgrim Name, Nationality, Passport Number, Air Carrier and Flight Number. In addition, the Ministry would like all individuals in Hajj Missions and Hajj Travel Agencies concerned with this issue to understand the importance of giving their full cooperation to the Ministry of Hajj by accepting the luggage of the pilgrims for whom they are responsible.

Dar Al-Islam has already implemented in early 2012 a process to print pilgrim's travel information and Dar Al-Islam information on high-quality, well-protected, luggage tags and will be distributed to Dar Al-Islam pilgrims together with the Hajj visa package.

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