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Items You Need for Hajj and Umrah Tours

You may ask yourself "what should I take with me in this Hajj journey?". The answer is that you should not take with you anything valuable. You should take only the essential things that you will use when performing the rituals of Hajj or Umrah, such as bedding, shoes, clothes, money, some toiletries, and your medicine, if you are on medication.

The list includes all the items that you may need:


Bedding: you will need a thin mattress, a pillow, and a light blanket. You will find such items in Makkah. However, you may not get a good quality. Some pilgrims buy those items at home before their departure.


Shoes: you will need a pair of shoes that has no stitches, specially for men. A plastic shower slipper will be a good choice. You may want to take an extra pair, in case you lose one. You will be using the shoes during manasik and walking to Jamarat, so make sure you get one that will get you the most comfort and will not create blisters during long walking.


Clothes: you will need two sheets (Ridaa and Izaar) to wear during Ihram (for men). In addition, you will need one or two towels, extra underwear, and socks after you release Ihram on Eid day. For women, please consider whatever simple and modest hijab and jilbab and take with you. Eid clothes should be inexpensive. It will not be a fashion show. Temperatures in Makkah and Medinah are not low, even during winter. So, you will not need heavy clothes.


Identification: you will need an Id to carry with you whereever you go during this journey. Please make sure to wear your Dar Al-Islam picture Id, which will have all the information you will need, in case you get lost during manasik, or around the Haram. The reason is that you will have your passport held at the Motawwaf office during the entire journey. You will get your passport at the airport when you are ready to leave Arabia.


Money: You may need to buy some food or snacks on your route from Medinah to Makkah. You may also need to take a taxi, instead of the hotel shuttle bus to go to Haram back and forth. You will need to pay for hair cut or shave, which will cost between SR 10 to 30. You may also need to pay someone a tip at some point. You may want to buy Zamzam water on your last days in Makkah. If you did not pay for qurbany (odhiyah) in advance, you will need to pay for it on Eid day. For all such expenses, you will need some $500 to take with you.


Notebook: You will need a pen and a notebook if you want to exchange or write a diary.


Toiletries: You will need to buy some unscented soap, because other scented soaps are disallowed during Ihram. You can find this type of soap in Makkah or Medinah before Hajj starts.

Please do not take with you the following:

Gold, jewels, or any other valuables such as expensive Cameras, political literature of any kind, fresh fruit (except bananas and oranges), fresh vegetables, fresh meat, babies and small children (if you can help it), gas cylinders or other cooking equipment.

Finally, please pray for all your muslim brothers and sisters.

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