Dar Al-Islam Hajj Guide
Part 2: Hajj Preparation

And times comes that you realize you can afford to perform Hajj and fulfill the the Islamic obligation. So first and foremost, you must understand what it means to perform Hajj and what makes Hajj acceptable for Allah and what makes Hajj not acceptable. Hajj is not a vacation for surety. You will not be performing Hajj to please certain people. And you should not spend the time, the effort, and the money for the purpose of being referred to as Hajj in the future.

Hajj has ultimately spiritual meanings, your relationship with Allah. And you may ask yourself a few questions:

What if Allah did not accept my Hajj?

Then you must ask yourself the next question:

How can I make Allah accept my Hajj?

Resoolo Allah says:

"The pure (Mebroor) Hajj has no reward but the paradise (Aljannah)."

Here is a guideline to prepare yourself for Hajj and seek the ultimate goal of making your Hajj accepted by Allah Jella Jalaloh:


Free yourself from existing sins, if you have any. Write a checklist and weigh all the actions and deeds you do in life. Is your source of income Halal? Is your food Halal?

Where do you stand on the scale of Allah Jella Jalaloh?

The next step you should take is to free yourself from all such sins ... and make sincere intention for Allah that you will never come back to committing such sins again.


Free yourself from debt, if you have any. Unless your debt is waved or forgiven by the source, you must pay all your debts before going for Hajj.


If other people have trusts that you currently hold for them, you make sure that you give such trusts back to their owners before departure.


If you think you are an argumentive person, Hajj can be voided when a pilgrim makes argument. Allah Jella Jalaloh says in Chapter 2:

"The Hajj is in known months, so whoever performs Hajj in these months must abide by no sex, no sinning, and no arguments in Hajj and take a good supply with you and the best supply is the Taqwa (fear of Allah)."

Therefore, accustom yourself to no arguments.


Before departure, make sure to clip your nails, shave hair beneath your belly, and shave hair under your elbow.

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