Dar Al-Islam Hajj Guide
Part 1: Hajj Obligation

Visiting the House of Allah is one of five pillar of Islam. It is called Hajj. The meaning of Hajj in Arabic is a visit. In Shareeah of Islam, Hajj means a visit with an intention to purify oneself from the accumulation of sins during the course of life. For this very reason, Hajj was prescribed on this nation once in a life time. Hajj is considered in Shareeah as a debt for Allah on every person who can afford it. Hajj affordability is a major factor in the obligation. Hajj affordability means a muslim must have enough wealth and good health to support the cost and effort that is needed for Hajj.

Hajj was prescribed on this nation on the 9th year of migration. Allah says in Sooret Ali-Imran:

"Allah made it an obligation upon the (Muslim) people to perform a pilgrim to the House (the House of Allah), on those who can afford it."

And Prohpet Mohammad (Salla Allaho Alaihi We Aalihi Wessallam) says:

Islam is built on five pillars: (1) Bearing the witness that No God but Allah and Mohammad is His messenger, (2) Performing prayer, (3) Paying Zakat, (4) Fasting Ramadan, and (5) Hajj to the House (of Allah) for whoever can afford it.

There are Fiqh issues related to the ritual of Hajj that a Muslim should be aware of:


Affordability means both physical and financial abilities to reach Makka as well as enough expenses to those people under your responsibility, such as wife, children, and parents, if they are in need.


Hajj is obligatory once in a life time. However, this does not mean that a muslim cannot make Hajj more than once. Resoolo Allah says:

"O' people, Allah has prescribed upon you Hajj, so make Hajj." One companion said: "Every year, O' Prophet of Allah?". Resoolo Allah lowered his head and stayed silent.

This way, the Prophet left the door open for those can afford to make Hajj as many times as they can.


A woman is restricted to perform Hajj with her husband or with a mahram.


There are three types of Hajj:

Singular, or "Mofrid": a pilgrim makes Hajj only, without Umrah.

Dual, or "Moqrin": a pilgrim makes Hajj and Umrah together with ONE Ihram.

Relaxed, or "Motametti": a pilgrim makes Umrah during the 35 days before Hajj, then release Ihram and wait until Hajj starts and make Hajj with a new Ihram. With this type, a pilgrim must make Fidyah in the form of slaughtering a sheep.

Prophet Mohammad (Salla Allaho Alaihi We Aalihi Wessallam) received the license from Allah to perform the third type after he compleetd Hajj, and he said:

"If I knew at the beginning of my affair (Hajj) what I knew at the end of it, I would have performed Hajjon Motametti."

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