Dar Al-Islam Reservations
Hajj-Umrah 2022-1443

Pilgrims can utilize the following online resources available on this website to complete their registration for Hajj or Umrah. Please follow the steps below.


Click this Dar Al-Islam Application Forms to access the application. Only one application is needed for the entire family. Once you complete this application, click the Print button to print both Dar Al-Islam application and Hajj Visa forms online. Then sign the Dar Al-Islam Application form. Each member of the family will need to sign his/her printed Hajj visa form.


Attach a copy of your passport. Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of departure for Hajj. Passport must be machine-readable not hand-written. Students on visas, must include a copy of their valid I-94. Perminent US or Canada residents must also attach a copy of the front and the back of their resident card.
Green Card Holders: Send the original green card with the passport immediately after the end of Ramadan. Also, include the passport that has the latest US-entry stamp.


Two (2) color pictures, 2" x 2", with 100% white background for each individual. The pictures must be a full-face view in which the visa applicant is facing the camera directly. For sisters, a picture with FULL Hijab please.


Take the Meningitis innoculation and make sure the clinic issues you a Meningitis card (PHS-731 or CDC-731), fills out the applicable information on the card, and stamps it.


Attach a copy of Relationship document. For husband and wife, a copy of marriage certificate. For mother and son, a copy of son's birth certificate. For brother and sister, copy of each birth certificate. And for aunt and nephew, a document certified by nearest Islamic center.


Attach one cashier check for the total of program cost, Qurbany and Hajj fees. Umrah programs have no Hajj fees. Dar Al-Islam does not take credit cards.

USA Pilgrims: Please make your cashier checks paid to DAR AL-ISLAM CORPORATION.
Canadian Pilgrims: Please make your cashier checks paid to DAR AL-ISLAM CORPORATION in USA Dollars.


Attach one prepaid Overnight Fedex, USPS, or UPS return mailer envelope for each family. If you do not provide prepaid envelope, please add the following applicable check:

USA Pilgrims: Check for $25 paid for DAR AL-ISLAM CORPORATION.
Canadian Pilgrims: Check for $50 (Fedex International Express) paid for DAR AL-ISLAM CORPORATION.

An application that does not include prepaid envelope or added $25 amount will result in sending the visa package to you COD (cash on delivery) and the post office will not deliver it unless you pay $45.


Place all the items (1 to 8) in an envelope and mail them to the address below:

Hajj & Umrah Processing Center
Dar Al-Islam Corporation
2100 Queen City Ave.
Suite 205
Cincinnati, OH 45214 USA

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