About Dar Al-Islam

Dar Al-Islam Corporation has been incorporated to provide Hajj and Umrah services for our North American prospective pilgrims. At Dar Al-Islam we make pilgrim's needs the focal point of our services. Such services include managing pilgrim's round-trip flight to the sacred places, hotel stay during the trip, performing the qurbany, transportation between airport and hotels, Medinah and Makkah, and in-between Hajj Manasik (Mina, Arafah, Muzdalifah). And first and foremost ensuring that our pilgrims do not miss a single ritual of Hajj or Umrah.

At Dar Al-Islam we take serving the pilgrim as an honor, not only a responsibility. We want to make Hajj and Umrah affordable for many many brothers and sisters. Therefore, you will find our Hajj and Umrah packages, if compared item-by-item, the least expensive in the North America. We provide affordable packages with such outstanding pilgrim services. Our ultimate hope is to get credit for our services from Allah Jella Jalalho on the Day of Retribution.

Dar Al-Islam is dedicated to providing the best pilgrim services available. We comply with the very strict requirements to serve the guests of Alrahman Jella Jalaloh.

While Hajj and Umrah have become not only a wish but also a dream for many brothers and sisters, due to the skyrocketing costs and fees, at Dar Al-Islam, we truly want to alleviate this burden and make your journey for the House of Allah, Jella Jalaloh, easy, affordable, and humble, such that when you stand on Arafat, you remember the grace and the bounty of Allah, Azza Wejell, who gave you the health and the wealth to be there.

Dar Al-Islam is fully accredited by The International Airline Transport Association (IATA).

Dar Al-Islam Hajj Packages 2022-1443
Welcome to Dar Al-Islam, your center for Hajj 2022 services. Our Hajj 2022 packages include a variety of accommodations in Makkah and Madinah. All our Hajj 2022 packages feature round-trip airfares USA-Jeddah-USA, land transportation, hotel accommodations, and Hajj Visa processing. Dar Al-Islam presents Hajj 2022 packages at affordable prices. These Hajj packages include full management of Hajj tours, from Medinah visits to performing Umrah and Hajj Manasik in Makkah, Mina, Arafa, and Muzdalifah to even performing Qurbany on behalf of each brother and sister in our Dar Al-Islam Hajj groups. As you navigate these Hajj packages, you will notice how each Hajj package is assorted to fit a certain schedule: from short Hajj tours for professionals to extended 40-Salat Hajj tours. At Dar Al-Islam, we take serving the pilgrim as an honor, not only a duty. Join our Hajj program, book any of our Hajj packages that suits your budget and schedule most, and experience the difference that our services will make in your next tour of the House of Allah Jalla Jalaloh.
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